Equine Physiotherapists in Merseyside

Equine physiotherapists, equine physiotherapy in Merseyside and surrounding areas. If you are an equine physiotherapist in Merseyside and would like a free or premium listing, please click here for information.

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Equine Physiotherapists in Merseyside - Premium Listings

Pegasus Physiotherapy


Jennifer Taylor

Tel: 07967 025775

Email: info@pegasusphysiotherapy.co.uk

Web: www.pegasusphysiotherapy.co.uk

Equine physiotherapy can help your horse with schooling and behavioural problems, changes in behaviour when being ridden, performance problems, muscle asymmetry, post surgical treatment / rehabilitation, post veterinary conservative management, general MOT checks and helping keep the older horse in work. Jennifer is a qualified veterinary physiotherapist who always aims to address the root cause of any issues, not just treat the symptoms. With a background as a human sports physiotherapist as well as a rider herself she can also apply her knowledge to assist with the horse-rider interaction for the benefit of both you and your horse. Please visit the website for details.

Wood Veterinary Physiotherapy


Jackie Wood

Tel: 07921 143362

Tel: 01928 789935

Email: woodvp@outlook.com

Neuromusculoskeletal assessment and treatment for your horse, dog and you! Manual Therapy (mobilisations, massage, reflex inhibition, trigger point release). Electrotherapy (ultrasound, lazer, biomag). Exercise therapy (hydrotherapy, re-education, core stability, exercise programmes).

Equine Physiotherapists in Merseyside - Free Listings

All Creatures Great & Small


Suzanne Cottriall

Tel: 07792 306989

Email: info@animal-physiotherapist.co.uk

Web: www.animal-physiotherapist.co.uk

Amy Taylor Veterinary Physiotherapist


Tel: 07794 364085

Email: amy.tay.vetphys@gmail.com

Andraya Hiscock


Tel: 07971 879430

Email: andraya@animalphysiouk.com

Web: www.animalphysiouk.com

Andrea Townson


Tel: 07836 602626

Email: andrea@animal-physio.net

Web: www.animal-physio.net

Annabel Roberts


Tel: 01829 760907

Anne Sweeney


Tel: 07904 406881

Elizabeth Yeates

Greater Manchester

Manchester Therapy Centre, 30 Russell Street, Eccles, Manchester, M30 0NU

Tel: 0161 788 8760

Email: elizabeth@manchestertherapycentre.co.uk

Web: www.lizyeatesanimalphysio.co.uk

Emily Sutton Equine & Canine Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Emily Sutton

Tel: 07946 152428

Email: emily.sutton@sky.com

Emily Worthington Veterinary Physiotherapist

Greater Manchester

Emily Worthington

Tel: 07917 711728

Email: ejworthington93@gmail.com

Web: www.emilyworthingtonvetphysio.co.uk

Engage Physiotherapy


Becky Gilmartin

Tel: 07863 200390

Email: engagephysiotherapy1@gmail.com

Web: www.engage-physiotherapy.com

Equine & Canine Solutions


Rachel Greetham

Tel: 07801 270053

Email: rachel@equineandcaninesolutions.co.uk

Web: www.equineandcaninesolutions.co.uk

Erika Couling


Tel: 07813 384916

Email: ecvetphysio@hotmail.com

Gabrielle Kerfoot


Tel: 07710 040241

Email: gaby.kerfoot@virgin.net



Higher Twistfield, Billinge End Road, Pleasington, Balckburn, BB2 6QZ

Gill Griffiths

Tel: 07949 838152

Email: gill@ggvetphysio.co.uk

Web: www.ggvetphysio.co.uk

Horses To Hounds Physiotherapy

Greater Manchester

Becky Black

Tel: 07729 002162

Email: horsestohoundsphysio@gmail.com

Web: www.horsestohoundsphysio.co.uk

Irene Menaged


Tel: 07531 440936

Email: physio@macclesfieldsport.co.uk

Web: animals.macclesfieldphysiotherapy.co.uk

Isobel Foden


Tel: 07788 98609

Email: isobel@aimphysio.co.uk

Joanne Andrews


Tel: 07801 945417

Email: joanneandrews@btinternet.com

Northwest Veterinary Physiotherapy


Lesley Williamson

Tel: 07951 604728

Email: lesley@northwestvetphysio.com

Web: www.northwestvetphysio.com

Paula McNinch

Greater Manchester

Tel: 07971 455787

Email: pj.mcninch@talktalk.net

Pegasus Physiotherapy


Jennifer Taylor

Tel: 07967 025775

Email: jennifertaylor@pegasusphysiotherapy.co.uk

Web: www.pegasusphysiotherapy.co.uk

Sarah Heaton Veterinary Physiotherapy


Sarah Heaton

Tel: 07590 750312

Email: shvet-phys@outlook.com

Web: www.shvphysio.co.uk

Shona Stanley Veterinary Physiotherapy


Shona Stanley

Tel: 07982 756374

Email: shona.stanley@outlook.com

Web: www.ssvetphysio.co.uk

Stay Sound Veterinary Physiotherapy Services


April Macleod

Tel: 07976 080022

Email: april@staysoundvetphysio.co.uk

Web: www.staysoundvetphysio.co.uk

Stephanie Dootson


Tel: 07999 098138

Email: stephaniedootson@gmail.com